Men's anti-sweat clothing

      The technology Sutran allows sweat to evaporate completely before it is visible and keeps clothing and skin dry at all times.

      Sutran, the most effective anti-sweat clothing in the world.

      Surely you already know this technology, is the special against excessive sweating, but What exactly is Sutran technology?

      Consists of the combination of two layers of fabric, which create an air chamber that allows sweat to evaporate completely before it's visible keeping clothes and skin dry at all times.

      In addition, and although the technology focuses on solving the problem of excessive sweating, also combines properties in its outer layer that result in smart and sustainable garments capable of:

      Eliminate sweat
      Sweat normally
      Avoid stains
      Avoid odors
      Reduce ironing

      Who is the anti-sweat technology for?

      As we have already mentioned, it is designed for all those people who need garments capable of keeping their skin and appearance dry at all times, leaving aside the problems of excessive sweating.